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Early Childhood Years & Elementary

Welcome to the Early Childhood Years & Elementary of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong!

This Academic Year 2017/2018 marks a decade of Excellence in Education with the theme “A Decade of Nurturing Young Minds & Celebrating Creative Talents.”  This is a momentous milestone for us & I am grateful for the support & cooperation, thus far, of the BINUSIAN Community in their constant pursuit for excellence here in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Thank you to all BINUSIANS who have brought the school to where it is now. Mia Hamm says, “Celebrate what you’ve accomplished but raise the bar a little higher each time you succeed.” There’s no way but UP. We need to keep on pushing the boundaries & keep reaching for higher heights.


We are committed to providing positive, creative & nurturing learning environment where our students are happy in their Home for Learning. Through our various school activities, our BINUSIANS are given a lot of opportunities to develop, hone and share their talents & skills as part of their quest for meaning in their young lives.  Our experienced, warm, dynamic and patient teachers and staff are dedicated in assisting students to seek balance in their social, physical, emotional, moral & academic aspects and prepare them to apply their learning to real-world situations.

As always, we take pride in our milestones and achievements which drive us towards greater creativity, greater sense of worth and accomplishments.  We inspire and motivate our young students to continue to press forward for bigger dreams, best possibilities and higher aspirations.


Our students have made the school proud in the academic & non-academic interschool competitions wherein which they have hosted and joined. In the International realm, our BINUSIANS garnered top placement awards. The same holds true In the National / Local Competitions. Moreover, our Ujian Sekolah (US) results show 100% passing rate for the 8th time since 2008/2009.


As part of our vision in developing the moral character of our BINUSIANS, we inspire our students to be mindful of the world around them and be catalysts for change in their own little ways by giving what they can offer. They make it a point to share their time, talent & treasure through joining many Charity Programmes. Our Parent Support Group (PSG) who has been proactive, have had several Social Service Programmes as well. Indeed, Parents are our active partners in the holistic development of our students, thus, they are highly encouraged to work closely with us. Moreover, we believe that the more involved they are, the better their children will perform.

All these activities above are the many ways by which we collaborate as a BINUS family in realizing the vision of our school: “To be a School that produces individuals of Moral Character, Academic Excellence, Innovative Leadership who inspire and contribute to the local & global communities.”

This website serves to assist you to become acquainted with our school and the many activities which take place. Please use the site to view examples of student work, dates of upcoming events, and general information.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and your children in our dynamic Home for Learning.

Elsie L. Bait
Principal of Early Childhood Years & Elementary


Middle School & High School

The middle and high school phase is a very rich platform for student development in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.  Here, academic rigour, good character and leadership opportunities are at the core of what we aim to develop in as well as strive to provide for all of our students.

Being a Cambridge International School, we offer a lot of opportunities for students to develop various aspects of their personalities. The curriculum itself provides an array of exposure in the humanities, sciences, arts, information technology, as well as other local and international content in the middle school years.  As they progress to high school, content becomes more specialised in preparation for the major they would like to take in the university.  Our students are trained to sit for the A and AS level examinations at the end of Year 12 where the certificates they earn enable them to qualify for credit transfers through a wide number of overseas universities.

Part of preparing our students for future engagements goes beyond the rigours and exposure to the skills and knowledge in various subject areas.  We equally emphasise the importance of having good character to truly be a person of worth.  Values like excellence, integrity, respect and compassion are highlighted to be crucial in making choices and engaging others.  Intelligence of the mind must always be tempered by the wisdom of the heart. A delicate balance must be achieved between them two, not an easy task but a crucial one that we work at as a school to truly educate our students.

Young people now face the challenge of managing so much information and experience that are readily accessed through technology.  These things are often way beyond their experience and age, a challenge that is collectively faced in homes around the world.  At BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, we work together with the students and parents to strike a balance to educate both the mind and the heart.  This we believe is the essence of being a Home for Learning – where students are surrounded by the warm of friends and teachers, as they are continuously provided with the opportunities to reach and achieve beyond their imagination. I am looking forward to welcoming everyone as members of our vibrant, innovative and caring community.

Principal of Middle and High School

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