Fast-Breaking Event: the Beauty of Sharing and Togetherness

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong recently held a fast-breaking event on Friday (18/8) and invited orphans from Al-Mubarokah Orphanage, local residents, public figures, authorities and media associates. The teaching staff, security officers, and janitors of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL were also invited.

This event shows empathy and compassion towards the environment and other people, a righteous act fit for everyone. Ramadhan, the Muslim’s holy month, is the perfect moment to point out this sincere intention. The importance of Ramadhan is to create a better Muslim personality and to improve our empathy towards others.

The event took place in the Multi Function Hall, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong. The theme was The Beauty of Sharing and Togetherness in the Holy Month of Ramadhan 1432 H / 2011 M. Besides breaking the fast together, participants also listened to a Ramadhan speech by Ustad Muhajir. Donations for 60 orphans from Al-Mubarokah orphanage, local residents, security officers and janitors of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong were also given.

“This fast-breaking ceremony is our annual event. With the event, we hope to maintain a good relationship and silaturrahim between BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong and local residents,” says Lukman Hakim, the Teacher in Islam of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong who was responsible for the event. (YD)

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