A beautiful morning with bright sunshine accompanied parents as they went to BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong to attend the School Tour at the 2nd floor of ECY-EL library on Saturday, September 14. This is an occasion intended to introduce BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong to parents and their children.

During this School Tour, the parents were guided to go around the school looking at the facilities as well as meeting with several students appointed as the Tour Guide. Alongside this activity, the main focus of the School Tour is to give opportunity to parents to consult with counselors who are ready to answer parents’ questions.

When the parents entered the waiting room before going around the school, it could be clearly seen that their faces expressed their concerns about the available facilities, the curriculum, the medium of instruction, and the activity choices that can support their children’s learning spirit.

Ms. Elsie L. Bait, the Principal of BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong for Early Childhood Years and Elementary (called ECY-EL), was also present to help answer parents’ questions. After taking part in the school tour session and listening to the headmaster’s explanation, the parents became more convinced to enroll their children in BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong.

“Home for Learning” is a basic value and foundation for BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong in providing a quality education for students and ensuring parents to make BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong a home for their children to learn. This is built with the six pillars of character that should be developed by every student – trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, citizenship. Those pillars strengthen BINUS INTERNATIONAL School Serpong to become “Home for Learning” for every student. (Jefta Ryant)

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