Pouring all thoughts into sentences and a string of beautiful words can be done by anyone, but can everyone who loves to write combine everything into a book with an interesting story for every reader? Perhaps not.

However, there are two BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL SERPONG’s students who are still in elementary school but are capable of creating interesting books for kids in their age group. They are Celestine Jovanna Wenardy (EL5) and Shazia Fathraya (EL2). They haven’t written just a book or two; but five picture story books!

 “I like to write since I was on the second year of elementary school, that’s why the first and second book was written when I was in that year. The first book is more of a fiction, and the second book is about my experience, like what I see from my friends in school and around me. So it’s based on my true story,” said Celestine who is now on her fifth year of elementary school and is a member of the Student Council EL BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong.

Shazia has a different experience. She started making up words to beautiful sentences and finally creating a book at an even earlier time. “My mother supports me so I can publish my first and second books. I still want to write my third book but I still don’t know what story to write,” said Shazia who is now on her second year of elementary school at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong.

Hopefully there will be more young children who are confident enough to write stories so that they can produce more fun and useful books and picture story books for their peers. (Baby Maria)

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