BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong at the 5th International Young Leaders Forum (IYLF) in Australia

After hosting the 4th International Young Leaders Forum (IYLF)  2012 in Jakarta, this year BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong and Simprug attended the 5th IYLF inBrisbane, Australia. The IYLF is an international forum formed through an alliance of five like-minded schools in the Asia Pacific Region – BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (Indonesia), Bugil Academy (South Korea), Brisbane Grammar School (Australia), Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore) and Suzhou Foreign Language School (China) in order to create a platform for student leaders to develop an international network of peers and a keen awareness of global issues as well as a strong sense of social responsibility.

The student leaders who proudly represented BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong at this event were: Maria Justina (Grade 12-J), Dany Muhajir Sjafiie (Grade 12-J), Ivanova Anjani  (Grade 12-G) and Regina Alyssa (Grade 11–H).  Below are some wonderful experiences from them:

“Being a part of the International Young Leader’s Forum was a spectacular experience. We were able to explore various sites in the city of Brisbane, Australia. Taking pictures with the iconic Kangaroos and Koalas of the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary, enjoying the scenery of Brisbane from the top of the Story Bridge, pumping adrenaline in Brisbane Grammar School’s Outdoor Education Centre at Lake Moogerah and being entertained by ‘City of Lights’ show at South Bank, were among the things that we were able to do within the week. But those were not the reasons I was there.Interacting with the delegates from different countries is what I believewas the most memorable experience from this event. The ‘Festival  of Dangerous Ideas’ was the time where we were able to join together, sharing our thoughts on solving specific problems that the world is facing right now. As we were raised in different cultures and traditions, we were able to merge the different perspectives of the problem, into a string of ‘dangerous’ solutions. We, aspiring leaders of the future, hope that we can see these solutions being implemented in the near future.Throughout the week, I have learned that although differences might interfere, we could achieve anything we want if we have the mindset to succeed” – Dany Muhajir Sjafi’ie (Grade 12-J).

“Being a part of IYLF is such an important, yet amazing thing. IYLF gaveme the opportunity to meet people from the other countries, socialize with them and then solve a world problem together, even though every country hadtheir own big problem & their specific way to solve it. Although it is only for 5 days, all of us managed to blend with the other delegates and work together as a team in the forum.To understand every country’s culture is important in the IYLF, in order to give a better solution to the world’s problem. Creating a strongbond with the other delegates wasalso important. In my opinionIn the end, IYLF has made a deep impression in my heart, and I hada good time in the event” – Regina Alyssa (Grade 11-H).

“Joining the International Young Leaders Forum was an eye-opening experience. Not just in the sense of being able to explore Brisbane, Australia for one whole week; to climb up the Story Bridge or being able to enjoy a whole-day outbound at Moogerah. It was also understanding the different perspectives on the world as seen through the eyes of a person who has been raised and cultured in a totally different society than mine, and understanding how remarkably similar we all are underneath all the differences” – Maria Justina (Grade 12-J).

Together with Dany, Ivanova, Regina and Justina, some students who also proudly represented BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL were: Farah Labita (Grade 11HR3), Stacey Beth Agustino (Grade 11HR3), Omar Alvaro Bastaman (Grade 10-B) and Heidy Kong (Grade 11HR5) from BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Simprug. As delegates, these students between 16 – 18 years old have to be fluent in English, show leadership skills, are active in organizations, with excellent academic records, as well as being highly enthusiastic to work with other delegations.

Congratulations Young Leaders!

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