Internationalism Week Assembly and Costume Day ELEMENTARY BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong

Cultural diversity in every country is surely interesting for anyone to discover. However, Elementary students are usually reluctant to learn other cultures from different countries.

There is something different with BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong sudents, nevertheless, as the school is endeavoring to introduce all elementary students – from grade 1 to 6 – with various cultures from other continents and countries through an event entitled “Internationalism Week Assembly and Costume Day”. This event was held at ECY-EL Main and Mini Libraries on Friday, October 25.

During the event, not only were students encouraged to wear international costumes from various countries throughout the world, but teachers also donned their own costumes to represent the style of each country. Most of the students were observed wearing Egyptian, Indian, Korean, Dutch, Brazilian, Japanese, and Arabian outfits.

The event also exposed students to different cultures through traditional food and practices. After the announcement of those bestowed with the best costume from every class, appointed teachers and PICs shared with students from the ELEMENTARY LEVEL at BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong important information on many countries in various continents – delivered in an engaging way so students may be able to reflect and remember them. The most important essence of celebrating Internationalism Week was for the students to have the awareness of Unity in Diversity. People may be different in many ways through nationality, language, colour, culture, practices, religion, etc but all are the same in hoping for love, peace, unity and solidarity for the world.

(Baby Maria)

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