Parent Seminar on How to Deal with Children in the 21st Century

The rapid development of more sophisticated technology, especially in the world of Internet with its easier access, is something that has raised concerns of parents having children at an early age.

For that reason, ECY/EL Guidance Counselors, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong held Parent Seminar themed “How to Deal with Children in the 21st Century” in ECY/EL Main Library Hall on Friday, November 15. The seminar was aimed to provide information to parents about how to impose right discipline to children in the use of gadget and social media, which the need of such technologies is getting more intense every day.

A number of parents, teachers and staff of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong participated in the seminar themed “How to Deal with Children in the 21st Century”. The seminar featured Ratih Ibrahim, a psychologist and the founder of Personal Growth, as the speaker. Personal Growth is an institution that provides services to public through the institution’s specialization in Counseling and Development Center. The institution’s vision is to empower the nation by means of building psychological based education and health, and the mission is to deliver services and qualified psychological assistance, for both individuals and organizations, with the objective of achieving healthy, smart and superior Indonesian communities.   (Baby Maria)



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