Math and Science Interschool Competition for Primary School Students

Math and science are the two subjects which primary school students usually have a lack of interests in. As for Math, memorizing multiplication starting from 2 to 10 creates boredom. Similarly, simply knowing by heart the concepts taught in Science without really understanding, is another dull activity that makes children unexcited about  their learning.

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong has its own way to educate its students towards becoming skillful and willing to learn Math and Science in an engaging, fun and interesting manner. BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong held an event themed “Math and Science Interschool Competition” for primary school students of Grades 1, 2, 5 and also 6 at the ECY-EL Main Library on Thursday, January 30.

The event was held in two sessions. The first was Math Interschool Competition themed “Math in Music”, in which students memorized the multiplication from 2 to 10 through a song of the student’s choice. They made choreography of movements based on their creativity while stating the multiplication table. “Math in Music”, which was participated by students of Grade 1 and 2, featured three winning schools. The third place was achieved by Jakarta Nanyang School, the second place by BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong and the first place by Sophos School BSD. As for the Science Interschool Competition, the theme was in “City of Tomorrow”. Here students made a diorama portraying Jakarta in the future according to their own imagination. “City of Tomorrow” was attended by student participants of Grade 5 and 6 and their parents were invited as well. The first & third winning groups were the students from BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong, while the second group winners were from Nanyang Primary School.

“May this event build awareness in students that learning Math is indeed fun,” Novia Purnomo, ECY/EL Math subject head, said.

“I hope that every student has the interest and optimism in learning Science,” Anastasia Maria Novita, ECY/EL Science subject head, added.

This annual Math and Science Interschool Competition is one of the most awaited competitions of the school as it offers many engaging activities for students in the various levels during the week and the Interschool Competition is its culmination. (BM)

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