Expression of Evolution at BYNAMIC Fest 2014

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong once again held the rollicking event, BYNAMIC Fest 2014, with this year’s theme as “Expression of Evolution”. This biennial event, was held this year on Saturday, February 15, kicking off from 2:00 pm to 11:00 pm. BYNAMIC Fest 2014 was made even festive with the performance from the guest stars, from four different music genres: reggae, rock, pop and techno.

BYNAMIC Fest 2014 was an event organized by the committee of students of BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong from both the middle and high schools. The event aimed at inviting Indonesian young people to participate in music performance and exhibitions, as a means for the young generation to show their concern about the problems of the environment and the preservation of Indonesian music.

With the theme “Expression of Evolution,” young people are expected to be more concerned about and be more aware of the changing times; they should realize that the changing times do not always mean straying away from the Indonesian roots. Indonesian youths must evolve and be ready to express themselves, riding the wave of globalization without forgetting their roots.

BYNAMIC Fest 2014 showcased Souljah, Midnight Quicke, Sweet as Revenge and Adhitia Sofyan, aside from inviting Gofar to emcee the event. BYNAMIC Fest 2014 was made even more interesting with the performance from O2, Gigi and the winner of BYNAMIC band competition (including fashion show from BINUS International University and BINUS International School Serpong Orchestra under the baton of Mr Hengky)

BYNAMIC Fest 2014 did not only focus on the development of Indonesian music; there was also a strong message to “Go Green,” aiming at raising awareness to help preserve the environment by asking the students to recycle trash around the school and use the trash to decorate the event. “We want to show that, for example, the used mineral water bottle, can be recycled or reused for beneficial thing, like for decoration,” said Ivan Rangga, Chairperson of BYNAMIC Fest 2014.

At the event, there were several zones to check out. One of them was zona taman djajan (snacks zone). Here, various stands sold products, like foods; drink; snacks; and fashion products, such as clothes and accessories—all of these were Indonesian-original products. Another zone was green zone where several organizations such as Profauna Jakarta, Sewatama, Jakarta Green Monster and Greenpeace Indonesia, and Marzuki stage.

The big event closed with the performance from Midnight Quickie. ”Hopefully with BYNAMIC Fest 2014 (BINUS Harmony of Art and Music Festival), young people will all the more take pride of the Indonesian tradition,” Wike Widiasari, the publication committee, concluded. (FG)

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