EL Music Got Talent 2014

Inspired from today’s booming singing competitions and the increasing awareness of teachers on the talents of their students, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong held a singing competition entitled “EL Music Got Talent” with the theme “Music in Me”. The event was held on Wednesday, February 19, 2014 at Main Library Hall, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong.

The EL Music Department organized this event with the objective of having BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong students gain higher self-confidence in the field of music and be able to develop, nourish and share their talents. This way they can be inspirations to others.

This time, EL Music Got Talent was in the final phase featuring the students of Grade 5 and 6. The audition process took place two weeks prior to the event. During the audition, each class sent one representative, and the top four went to the finals. The four finalists of the inter level competition were Amelia, representing class 5B; Zahra, representing class 6B; Btari from 5F, and Edelweis from class 6D.

Amelia opened the show singing “Who Says”, followed by Zahra with the song “When You Wish Upon a Star”. Btari from class 5F showed her talent singing the song “Hero” perfectly.  Edelweis as the last finalist successfully made all the participants to sing along, as she sang “Man, I feel Like a Woman”. In addition to the performance by the finalists, the panel of judges also showed their talents in music singing the song “Take Me Home”. The performance of these judges truly led to a rollicking fun at El Music Got Talent.

The panel of judges at El Music Got Talent consisted of Mr. Bambang, Mr. Muhammad Kholid, both Bahasa Indonesia & Social Studies teacher; and Syahfadil, one of the Arts teachers. All the judges had to be careful in deciding the winner based on the judging criteria, in which all the finalists showed their incredible talents.

The event of EL Music Got Talent concluded with the announcement of the winners. Btari from class 5F achieved the first position, with Amelia and Edelweiss as runner ups I and II, respectively. “I hope that this event will still be held in the future, and may the future event become better with more categories,” Aries Irwansyah Lubis, the PIC of El Music Got Talent 2014 expressed his hope.  (FG/BM)

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