BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong Invites Parents to Get to Know More on Children’s Behavior

Children have different characteristics that need different ways to deal with and understand. A question then arises: Have parents been effective in catering to the various needs and characteristics of their children?

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong shares this concern with parents, and to address the question, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong held a free parent seminar with the theme “Raising Your Challenging Child.” The seminar was held on Friday, February 7 at the Main Hall Library of the school.

The seminar lasted from 09.00 to 11.30am which was attended by around 150 parents of students from the Early Childhood Years and Elementary levels. With this parent seminar, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong aimed at giving insights about different challenging characteristics of children  like difficulty in establishing social relationships, aggressive tendencies or genetic & environmental concerns and  the effective ways to deal with them.  The seminar also discussed various behaviors that children with special needs may display.

The parent seminar organized by BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong also wanted to provide knowledge to parents on ways to handle and steps to take when dealing with their children. The speaker at the seminar was Anna SurtiAriani, S.Psi., M.Si.,Psikolog, a child and family psychologist.

The event was made interactive, thus, even more interesting, as parents got to share and discuss matters related to their actual experiences in parenting their children, with the objective of learning from each other and hopefully  apply what they learned from the shared insights.

“With the seminar, parents are expected to know more about the best way to communicate with their children as they need to grow not only intellectually, but also emotionally,” said Ms. Gloria Martha Siagian, one of the Guidance Counselors of ECY/EL, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong. (FG)

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