Writing is a language proficiency used to communicate indirectly or in phase with others. Through a writing piece, one can express his or her feeling, share stories and inspire others. Writing skill has to go through learning process to develop the habit, and through introduction to writing techniques. This has led BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong to host the Author Talk Activity last Tuesday, April 8 in Admission Hall, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong.  Aside from encouraging students to have the interest in writing and reading, this talk show was also aimed to develop talents of students seeking to become a writer.

The talk show was participated by 180 students of Grade 9. This year BIS Serpong invited Ahmad Fuadi, an acclaimed novel writer of Negeri 5 Menara.  Mr Ahmad shared that “To become a writer, we must first know what lies behind the reason of why we write, this way we can be continuously motivated. Secondly, we also must know the subject that interests us the most and the one that draws our attention, thus we can have the enjoyment when writing. Next, we also must know how to write a good story by means of learning the techniques and continuously practicing the skills. Lastly, we must know when to write, thus we can create all the writing pieces into a story.”   These four elements are what made Ahmad the writer he is today. His teacher truly inspired him with writing, to be a man who is willing to share the story he has experienced in order to benefit others.

Students of grade 9 were very enthusiastic by actively asking questions, from the flow of the story, to the characters.  They have brought home valuable insights and with hope that this would somehow spark future young writers  (AL)

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