Did you know that  building robots can enhance analytical skills that we learn from school? In building robots you would need to apply analysis of parts and ability to follow through instructions.  Basic principles of mathematics and physics may be involved but only to a limited extent. It is the thinking skills and creativity that are greatly emphasised.

BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong brought grade 11 students to attend a workshop on robotics organized by Binus University’s  Computer System department on a Monday, 26th of May. In this occasion, 220 grade 11 students have packed Binus University’s Admission Hall to join the workshop. Mr. Rudy Susanto, the Head of Computer Engineering Laboratory explained a few theories to build robots to the students. After the theories, he divided the students into 10 groups then guided the students to build their own robots. Mr. Susanto challenged them to build robots that could detect light. The purpose of this task was to show how robots could actually be used to help fire fighters in detecting the source of fire.   The practical applications of robots were also given.

After the workshop, students understood the theory and the application of robot building, and to have a preview of the Computer System Department of BINUS University  (AL)


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