People and their habits of using social media are said to be the contributing factors in the growing interest in the culinary industry here in Indonesia. People have expressed themselves, interacting with other people and sharing food images through social media. Not just the young ones, but adults themselves have followed this new trend in taking pictures of the food they eat and sharing them online.

This new trend inspired BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong to collaborate with BINUS UNIVERSITY’s Hotel Management Department and School of Design to organise a workshop called Foodtography Workshop. This happened last Tuesday (6/3) at the third floor of the Binus University Library Building. In the workshop, Raden Nana Kusdiana of Hotel Management Laboratory invited parents and BIS Serpong students  to make sushi with the ingredients prepared by the Hotel  Management team.

In making sushi, Nana explained the use of basic ingredients available, such as rice and sea weed as well as smoke salmon, crab sticks, and tempura shrimps for their fillings. She had 10 students from the Hotel Management to assist the parents in making sushi. These parents were given freedom to choose the fillings they wanted for their own creations of sushi.

Having created the sushi, the parents then learned basic photography which was aptly termed “Foodtography”, as they have taken pictures of their sushi creation and were encouraged to pose them in social media.  What sets the whole workshop apart from any other workshop is the common interests of both young and old to pose food on social media more so from food created by the photographer himself. (AL)

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