To prepare parents in communicating with their teenagers, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong organised a Parents’ Seminar on “Managing Relationship for Teenagers” that was held last Tuesday, 3 June. This was conceptualized as during children puberty’s phase, it is critical for parents to introduce sex education to their teenagers so that parents are able to know and guide their children’s development. At the age of 13-18, along with their maturity, teenagers will experience hormonal development which may influence the way they handle their relationship with the opposite sex which includes dating amongst others.

In line with this development, BINUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Serpong invited parents from junior high and senior high levels to attend a seminar that was delivered by Dra. Bunga K.Kobong, M.Si., a Sex Education Counselor of Sobat Peduli Foundation. In this seminar, Ms Bunga shared her experience about sex education and how parents should communicate with their teens effectively as they go through their sexual development. This seminar is important since parents must be the primary source of information when teenagers seek guidance and answers about their sexual development.

How do parents perform their role as primary sources of information? It was emphasized by Ms Bunga that children-parent relationships should be based on solid trust, support, and love. Parents should not give harsh punishment to their teenagers when they make mistakes since it may create a gap in their relationship. No matter how busy parents are, they should spend some time and pay attention to the children’s development in many ways, such as actively supporting their children’s constructive hobbies and interests.

“Through this seminar, it is hoped that parents can be more open towards their children regarding sexual development so that the children can get the right information by having a two-way communication. Therefore, parents can understand their children’s worries and questions,” as further stressed by Ms Melissa Mangunsong, BIS Serpong’s  High School Guidance Counsellor. (AL)

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