Japan Immersion

On the 24th of July, 2014, ten students from Binus International School Serpong together with Ms Mariza, the VP for Effective boarded a flight to Japan for the Shizuoka University Visit and Immersion. These students were Kristie, Khara, Angga, Nico, and Tasya from grade twelve and Rizky, Priangga, Danya, Devin and Ditra from grade eleven. They had been invited to take a look at several faculties in Shizuoka University, a national university in the Shizuoka prefecture.

On the first day, the students arrived at Haneda Airport, Tokyo late in the night. The next morning, the eleven Binusians took a shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Shizuoka, where they were greeted by professors from Shizuoka University. The Shizuoka campus is home to four of the faculties offered by the university: the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Education, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Agriculture. Students were given the option to visit the Faculty of Education or the Faculty of Agriculture. The Binusians spent two days getting to know the Shizuoka campus and the city along with students from the university. In the late afternoon of the second day, three university students took the group to the annual summertime Fireworks Festival. Underneath the night sky, hundreds of people sat on the grass to watch the fireworks, which were already being lit even before it was completely dark. Girls walked around clad in traditional Japanese yukata, holding snacks and little fans in their hands.

Binus students at Shizuoka University’s Shizuoka campus with the university students at the Fireworks Festival (picture insert)

The groups left Shizuoka and headed for Hamamatsu by bus the next day. Professor Hakamata Mari, in-charge of the international students in the Hamamatsu campus, which contains the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Informatics, was the group’s main guide. In this city, the students met up with Joshia, Trifenna, Dimas (who are alumni of BIS Serpong, and Jose, who are Indonesians currently studying in Shizuoka University. In this campus, they visited several labs, including a plasma lab, an electronics lab, and laboratories for mechanical and chemical engineering.

At the Hamamatsu City Hall
At the Plasma Lab

On the twenty-ninth, the Binusians visited the Hamamatsu Technical High School, which specializes in technical knowledge. Its students showed the group several interesting experiments and projects in physics, electronics, and computer science, including research on wireless power transfer, superconductors, and graphical processing units. They also showed the Binusians impressive skills in archery and kendo (Japanese fencing).

Students of the Technical High School
Binusians trying kendo

A dinner party was held by the Hamamatsu-Indonesia Friendship Association on the last full day in Japan. During this event, students shared their thoughts on the trip, received certificates, and said farewell to the Indonesian students. The next day, the students were able to visit the Center for Creative Engineers and the Hamamatsu Air Base before going to Haneda Airport and flying back to Jakarta.

Dinner party with the Hamamatsu-Indonesia Friendship Association Binus students with Shizuoka University students (Hamamatsu campus)

This was an extremely valuable experience that allowed the students to learn more about science specifically engineering, and studying in Japan. It gave them a wider perspective of choice university after graduation from high school. They were also able to make new friends and experience unfamiliar places and culture. Many thanks to Shizuoka University for inviting Binus International School Serpong!

This write-up was done by Ditra, grade 11.

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