Teacher’s Appreciation Day (TAD)

“We were treated like Stars!”, “It was mind-blowing.” ”It made me teary-eyed.” “It was so thoughtful of the parents & the students.” “I felt proud for everyone there.” “I felt appreciated.” “It was wonderful & great!” “It was special!”… all these and more, were the teacher’s & staff’s reactions to the TAD programme prepared by the Parent Support Group on Nov 20.

It was marked by many surprises & special treatment for the teachers. Our teachers were delighted & pleasantly overwhelmed with the various fun surprises coordinated & organized by the parents with the students.

Words are not enough to thank you parents for the special treat you’ve given us on that day. Indeed, we were treated like stars. God bless you for sharing your blessings to us – we who are your children’s humble unsung heroes & heroines.

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