Introducing: BEE Gowes, BINUS Serpong Biking Community

Introducing: BEE Gowes, BINUS Serpong Biking Community
by Lily M. Tjakradipura, Math Teacher at BINUS International School Serpong


Started out in a common interest in biking, several teachers and staff of BINUS International School Serpong initiated a biking community, BEE GOWES on 11 December 2014. The interest in biking has been growing so fast among Serpong community indicated by numerous biking community and biking sites. Futhermore, the need of living a healthy lifestyle in the comunity has prompted many sports facilities including off road biking track. As part of Serpong community, it would be such a waste for not taking part in new trends. Therefore, BEE GOWES held biking event in November not only to introduce BISS biking community but also to accomodate fellow colleagues’ passion for adventure that has been held up due daily routine.

“Let’s Ride Together” was the theme for our first BISS community’s biking event. Our sponsor for our event, POLYGON, had lent us 12 MTB (mountain bikes) to lure biking enthusiasts from BINUS Serpong. Led by dr. Leo Alkan, we headed out from BISS to Jalur Naga, off road track connecting Gading Serpong and Legok area. The track was a change of sight from the hustle and bustle of city life and it was a humble experience to meet people from all walks of life throughout our journey. We also commended our high appreciation to our newbies in off road biking. Despite the difficult track, muddy roads and high steep, they did not give up and continue on the journey. After almost 2 hours ride, we finally arrived at our first stop, Danau Kembar at Pagedangan area.

Then we continue our journey to Cihuni Bike Park for another 10 km through villages. Once we finally arrived there, we could relax and unwind there for breakfast and some cool drinks. Some of our experienced bikers decided to take on challenge in the off road track at Cihuni while others preferred to chill out and enjoy conversation and beautiful scenery of Cihuni. By noon, we headed back to the finish line, BINUS International School Serpong. We closed our event by rewarding some the bikers for showing perseverance with goodie bags, courtesy of POLYGON. We did it, 5 hours and 40 km of biking. All the sweat and exhaustion seemed worthwhile looking at the accomplishment we had made that day. Good job, BEE Gowes bikers!


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