BINUSIAN Author’s Talk

The BINUSIAN Author’s Talk Showcase was held on October 21. The Book Talk for a cause saw 5 authors: Celestine Jovanna Wenardy of EL 6H, Shazia A. Fathraya of EL 3G, Ms. Rizki Raindriati – Arts Teacher, Ms. Dina Iguna EL 4C Class Teacher & Ms. Neti Arianti – Physical Education Teacher. They shared their experiences on how they developed their writing skills & inspired their co-Binusians to do the same.

The programme collected a total amount of Rp 2,094,500 through their book sales for 2 years now & it will be used to purchase the needs of the children living in Mekar Lestari Orphanage.

Thank you to Mr. Rico & team for organizing this Programme.

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