Caring about the Surroundings, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Launched “Adopt A” Program

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong was launching “Adopt A School” program to show their care about the education of the surroundings on Thursday, 8 January 2015. The party who had the chance to cooperate with was SMP Al-Hasaniyah, Serpong.

In this launching, there were Stephen Wahyudi Santoso – the Managing Director of BINA NUSANTARA Group, the principle, teachers, and also Binusian of Serpong School, attending to celebrate this new program.


This activity was the form of care of BINUS in creating an educational community in the neighborhood. Community has an important role in developing a sustainable education.

In his speech, Stephen said that he felt grateful to be able making this program come true. According to him, with this kind of program they could make a good relationship that benefited both parties.

“In this case, it’s not only BINUS that gives contribution, but Al-Hasaniyah also gives value and experience equally, even more to us,” Stephen explained.

Besides that, Stephen also thanked the Binusian – the principle, teachers and student – for their active roles giving their best efforts to succeed this program. Actually, this program had been prepared since November 2014.

Sherrie Garcia, the Principle of High School believed that this activity was more than just a social event. Similar to what she had convinced herself and her students, she thought this social activity had the importance concept of “give back” to your surroundings. It was also to show gratitude that for all these years students could study well and comfortably at school.

“They should be able to give back to people around them. Whenever we feel blessed, we must be able to share with others,” Sherrie advised.

Both Stephen and Sherrie hoped that this program could give good impact on both sides and it could happen again in the future. Both schools hopefully could learn from each other to provide a good-quality education.

“Education is a right. We hope we could give and protect that right,” Sherrie said.

Through this “Adopt A” program, BINUS helped SMP Al-Hasaniyah making a library and computer lab. Almost all work was accomplished by Binusian passionately.

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