Come, See, and Win the Beevolution 2015

For the fourth time, BINUS School Serpong held “Beevolution”– the art and sports competition for schools. The theme was “Vini, Vidi, Vici” and it took place at BINUS School Serpong from 16 – 24 January 2015.

Junior and senior high schools from Jakarta and Tangerang sent their best representatives who are good at those two skills. This event is held every two years and it is organized by Serpong students, making this a tradition of the school.

“The aim of this event is friendship, so we can make friends with other schools in Jabodetabek area,” the Chairman of Beevolution 2015, Nurul Fitri said.

The chosen “Vini Vidi Vici” theme meaning that “we come, we see, and we win” reflects the unity of the teams that participated in the competition. They also could interact with new friends who involved in this fair competition to stimulate the spirit of sportsmanship for young generation. By doing so, they could have more spirits for healthy competition.

There is a new thing in this year event compared to the previous ones; this time the committee cooperates with Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) for the House of Learning and Development program and they both also make Floorball and Play Stations FIFA 2015 competitions. Other competitions are futsal, basketball, debate, band, modern dance, photography, and short movie.

“For sports and debate categories, they are opened for public. The criteria to win the short movie competition are decided based on the quality of the movie. We also invite a judge from external party in addition to judges from internal Binus,” Nurul added.

The committee offered a total prize of Rp 50 million for this event. Aside from the competitions, participants and visitors could enjoy the bazaar selling foods and Beevolution 2015 merchandise like T-shirts and accessories.

The supervisor of committee and teacher of Binus School Serpong, Yurike Kusumawardhani said that Binus School Serpong always supported the students to excel at academics, sports, and arts. “Through this Beevolution 2015 Binus students could also show their skills of leadership and organization – being responsible and professional since this event involves many participants internally and externally,” Yurike said.

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