Some students perceive Math as a difficult subject. Teachers at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong are aware of this and have tried to find the most effective methods of teaching Math.

One of the methods applied was through the yearly event, ‘ECY/EL Math Day held on the 26th of January. Teachers prepared several activities and competitions for all ECY and EL students to partake in.

The activities were prepared in such a way that students applied the the mathematical concepts they learnt . Each game and competition was adjusted to the level of understanding of the students.

For students of ECY (Early Childhood Years), games were more about basic math concepts, such as introducing numbers. For EL students, the competitions/activities were more complex, such as applied Math.

Students of ECY 1 competed in a shopping competition based on shopping lists. For ECY 2, a Fun Graph Competition was held. ECY 3 students participated in a monster making competition based on addition and subtraction questions that they solved.

The EL 1 students competed to make the longest rubber chain. In EL 2, the Shopping Mania competition helped apply the concept of money. EL 3 students competed at the Salad Fiesta competition to apply the concept of mass.

EL 4, students competed in a Shop Till You Drop competition to make a shop and calculate the shopping bill to apply decimals. For students of EL 5, the Fun Punch competition applied the concept of ratio where they had to make punch. At EL 6, students competed at opening shop, doing sales, and calculated for profit/loss.

“This event was held to have students apply Math in their everyday lives. I hope that through these Math games and competitions we can encourage the students to love Math, as well as improve in their Math scores,” said Novia Purnomo, ECY/EL Math Subject Head of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

Students seemed comfortable in studying Math using these methods. They looked eager and enthusiastic in learning Mathematical concepts.

“Learning Math this way is more fun. I can understand more about Math by selling milk, candies and drinks,” said Reagan Elshawn Liu, a student of grade EL 2E. (RAW)



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