After Alam Sutera, BINUS Presents RISE at FX Lifestyle X’nter Sudirman

In the effort to rise our competitiveness globally through education – especially English skill of Indonesian children, BINA NUSANTARA together with RISE Global held the opening of RISE Immersive Subject based English (RISE) Center at FX Lifestyle X’nter, Central Jakarta last Saturday (31/1). This center adds to the previous RISE branch at Alam Sutera, Tangerang, which was opened in October 2014.

The presence of RISE is a commitment to realize the vision of BINUS in 2020 as “A World-Class Knowledge Institution in continuous pursuit of innovation and enterprise”.

Knowing the importance of preparing world-class young generation to face future challenges and competitions, BINUS would like to show that a way to prepare the young ones is by having English skill (not only good at grammar and vocabulary, but also comprehending the applications in daily life context). Having that as the background, BINUS cooperated with RISE Global to create this kind of education in Indonesia.

Similar to the previous branch, the presence of RISE at FX brought all the best quality of education and facilities, internationally standardized. With the 700-square-meter area, this center is divided into seven classes, each having the capacity of 10-15 students plus two tutors.

RISE also provides technology-based teaching facilities to support the effectiveness of learning activities and to attract students. One of the modern technologies used in class is the Smart Board technology that contains Destination Learning Series animation to create an interactive and exclusive learning atmosphere, so children could easily understand the lesson.

Moreover, there are also other facilities prioritizing safety and comfort for children – like library, playing ground, and clinic. With all these facilities it is expected that children’s learning motivation could be built here.

Aside from those good facilities, the teaching method at RISE has the added value that other courses don’t have. The offered program uses American-based curriculum which has also been used in American schools to teach 5 million children aged 3-14. At RISE, students immerse (engage deeply) themselves in the four main subjects: math, science, social, and literature.

“Here children don’t only study English, but they also study using English. We make an English learning environment so that children would feel comfortable, get used to English and finally grow their confidence to use English,” Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito, the Managing Director of RISE Indonesia explained.

Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito, Managing Director of RISE Indonesia
Michael Wijaya Hadipoespito, Managing Director of RISE Indonesia

Furthermore, Michael added that the learning system at RISE was prepared interactively, innovatively, and wholly in order to make children able to speak English and be leaders. It is said that RISE has Leadership Training Program to develop children’s social skills, such as project management skill, active role in a team, and public speaking. This program is considered necessary to prepare children living as the part of the future society.

Agreeing his partner, Niall Maloney – the Head of Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Business Development of RISE Global – affirmed that a supportive condition is very important in the learning process of English for children. According to him, a comfortable environment would make children’s learning process successful.

“I’m pretty surprised with the English skill of the children here. Their English is good. From my point of view, they could be like that because the environment is supporting them to use English, so they get used to it. And we at RISE Global believe in those things like that,” Niall said.


Niall Maloney  Head of Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Business Development of RISE Global
Niall Maloney
Head of Strategic Alliances, Partnerships and Business Development of RISE Global


Both Michael and Niall believe that learning English from the early age is so important. The youngest you are taught English, the better your English skill will be. With that in mind, BINUS presents RISE in Indonesia.

“We believe early education is very important. That’s why there’s no reason for us to not start this English educational institution for young children,” Michael added.

RISE firstly operated in China in 2007 and their interactive and innovative learning method had a positive response from the parents; therefore, in 2012 RISE started to open their centers in Vietnam and South Korea. In the end of 2014, RISE opened their center in Indonesia. (RAW)

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