Tightening Friendship as well as Improving Skills of the Students, BINUS School Serpong Held a School Swimming Competition

The benefit from sports is undeniable – swimming is included. Besides making us healthy, swimming is proven that it could improve children’s academic and non-academic skills. A child who does sports regularly tends to have outstanding achievements than others who don’t do sports.

Considering that matter, some schools put swimming in their curriculum as a part of learning process. By having swimming as a school subject, they hope that students could improve the skills and achieve better results. Therefore, nowadays it’s not difficult to find schools applying swimming in the curriculum.

On account of that reason, BINUS School Serpong held a school swimming competition at BINUS Serpong pool on 7 February 2015. The competition was participated by 150 students from 87 schools in the area of Tangerang, Jakarta, and Bogor. Organized by PE teachers, this event’s theme was “We Learn, We Swim, We Compete, We Win Friends and We All Have Fun”.

“This competition is for searching young talents of swimmers in each school as well as making a good relationship and knowing other schools,” Hassan Mulyadi Muhamed, the Coordinator of this school swimming competition, explained.

There were 62 students aged five to twelve from various schools joining this competition. The winning criteria were decided from the three fastest swimmers performing short distance (25 meter). The style categories were butterfly stroke, freestyle stroke, back stroke, and breast stroke. Moreover, there was also swimming relay in which the swimmers should use all four of the strokes.

“This sport could improve knowledge, social skills and confident,” Hasan added.


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