Diversity is an important aspect of human life. It can be about differences in races, languages, religion, point of views, etc. In celebration of diversity, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong through the BINUS SCHOOL Orchestra held a school concert entitled “Celebrating Music Diversity” last March 2015.

The concert showcased Indonesian, Filipino and popular songs to the delight of students, parents and students.  Songs such as ‘Mamamia’, ‘Cinta Abadi’, ‘Indonesia Pusaka’, ‘Shake It Off’, ‘Kay ganda ng Ating Musika’ and many more were featured. Not only that, songs from India, Philippines, China, and Korea were highlighted as well.

“Music is a set of tones that consists of rhythm, songs, and harmony especially tones that are produced from instruments that may generate rhythm. With the concert it is hoped that students can gain knowledge and experience in organizing a professional music concert. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong always supports all activities that bring a positive impact, not just from the academic point of view but also from art and culture point of view,” said Hengky Setiawan, a teacher of Art and Music of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

Hengky further adds, “Music unifies everyone regardless of race, religion, colour, or gender . Music brings together people from all walks of life which is what the theme of the concert is all about.”

Through this debut concert, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Orchestra after it was established 7 years ago, hopes to spark that anticipation for a bigger concert on the 10th anniversary of the school, more involvement from the students, teachers and staff and more talents from the school community. (AN)

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