Early Childhood Year, Year to Develop Child’s Character.


Early childhood is a time when the children initiate their lives in the world. At an early age, education is an important thing to help them absorb new things and apply the lessons they learned in the real world.

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is the right choice for the early childhood education. Why? Because SCHOOL Serpong has a good education systemadapted from Cambridge International School that has been acknowledged around the world.

According to Cambridge International School system, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong provides highly skilled and experienced teachers, both local and expatriates with commendable communication skills in English as well as in other languages taught (Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin). BINUS SCHOOL Serpong also has excellent teacher to student ratio in every class to ensure each student receives individual attention. So parentsdo not need to worry to leave their children to BINUS SCHOOL Serpong and they can fully entrust the education of their children to BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. (IV)

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