BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Develop Student’s Sense of Responsibility

Amid the moral degradation of young generation is increasingly worrisome, responsibility becomes one of the attitudes among young people that is fading away. The responsibility is a foundation of morality to be understood by everyone in order to createa qualified young generation.

As an educational institution, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong held a workshop entitled “Being Responsible” on Tuesday (17/3). The workshop discussed about the sense of responsibility that should be owned by everyone and as an added value of personality for everyone.By attending the workshop aimed to cultivate a sense responsibility, the students are expected to bea responsible person.

The event which was attended by the fourth grader students showsBINUS SCHOOL Serpong’sconcern overthe morality of the young generation that should be cultivated froman early age, so that they could become brilliantand full of morality children in the future.

The workshop presented guest speakers from Jejak Kaki community, a psychology and counseling community related to youth, parents, and etc. Jejak Kaki community provides a creative counseling through playing games, watching movies,etc, and also provides the facilities for all groups. (AS)

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