Teenagers are most easily influenced by the environment and trends exist around them. At the same time, adolescence is also a turning point for children to find their identity. Aware of the importance of adolescent development, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong in association with Sahabat Orang Tua&Anak held a “Peer Pressure” seminar on Wednesday (03/18).

Peer Pressure is social pressure often encountered by teenagers in their social life.Peer pressure can become a negative impact if they find themselves unable to deal with it. Otherwise, peer pressure can also become a motivation for the children to be a better person. Peer Pressure seminar organized by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is intended to sharethe tips and trickson how to deal with peer pressure.

HanlieMulianM.Psiwas presentedas the guest speaker in seminar that lasted an hour and a half and was attended by sixth grade students of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. This seminar is an effort of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong to make the students becomemore virtuous and also to create conducive learning environment. (IV)

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