Interact Club in Cibanteng

Binus Interact Club, together with Sevilla Interact Club were invited by the Rotaract Jakarta Metropolitan, to participate in an  international joint project with the Rotaract/Rotary Rockingham/Kwinana, Australia. The project was a renovation of a school in Cibanteng, Bogor on the 7th of February 2015. Everyone came early to

converge in Binus Serpong Admission Building even if it was a Sunday. The traffic did not deter the excitement of everyone to work and renovate a public school. The activity started with a simple program to welcome everyone. Key people from the different organizations delivered their messages. The audience was entertained by the school children. Few reminders were given by the Rotaract on how to conduct the renovation activity.

The project’s beneficiary was the ‘Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Pui Cibanteng, Bogor. It was a school in a simple and quiet village, with only four classrooms to conduct the day to day academic as well as affective activities. Two rooms served as their library and for the staff. As it was everyone’s desire to improve the learning environment of the children, the group worked hard using sandpaper and a smoothing machine to clean and later paint the chairs and the walls. Time really flies as we did not notice that it was lunch time. Our work continued until the late afternoon.

On our way back, we felt tired but the day’s work session have again reminded us on what being an Interactor is all about i.e. exploring a new place and having a good time and more importantly making an impact on people’s lives.

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