BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is back showing its passion in music. For the second time, kindergarten and primary students will perform a musical drama. This time their theme is “The Ice Princess” – adopting the Disney’s movie “Frozen” which has been popular for these two years. This show will be directed by Jeremy Quintos Cochon and Ma. Asela G. Labaro as the teachers in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

“Musical drama is a form of art expression collaborating music, acting, movements and dances that tells a story. It is packaged with choreography and fascinating music so it could transform into a musical drama or often called musical play,” Jeremy Quintos Cochon, the teacher of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong explained.

The enthusiasm of the students is high. It could be seen from the involvement of 130 students who competed to become the main character of this musical drama. There are 200 students involved in this drama. Aside from the kindergarten and primary students, teachers, staffs, and representatives of the parents also participate in this show. This drama will be held on Friday (27/3) at Sjuman Hall-BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, and also there’ll be a bazaar selling many kinds of food, books, unique merchandise, clothes, and stationery.

Through this musical drama, it is hoped that we can grow a sense of family, affection and love. Affection and love don’t belong only to a man and a woman, but they also belong to parents and children, friends, teachers, and all human beings. Let’s support them by watching this musical drama at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Let the music bring love in your life! (LN)Web banner 2 final

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