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Previously ECY 1 and 2 had a Field Trip to McDonald’s, and now it is ECY 3’s turn to have one. Their Field Trip would be going to LOKA Supermarket located at Flavour Blizz, BSD. There were 138 students participating in this activity, and to make it effective, it was divided into four batches. This activity also involved parents and teachers to accompany the students.

Of course this was not just a regular hang out. Children were also introduced about the concept of a store and its selling products. Moreover, they had to buy items from the shopping list they made before (at home with their parents). This trip taught how importance the value of money was to children. The students should go shopping with the limited amount of money – maximum Rp 50,000.

The purpose of this activity is actually related to the topic of Public Places subject. Through this, the students of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong hopefully could be familiar with supermarket’s items, people and their jobs in supermarket. The most important thing is the experience of shopping itself. At LOKA, children could shop with their own shopping list and push their own trolleys. LOKA’s trolleys are friendly for children since the color and design are cute and fit for them.

From this activity, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong hopes that children could learn that supermarket is a public place and understand the functions of each person working there. Furthermore, they could care to their surroundings and have more social knowledge. See you in the next field trip! (IV)

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