Everything has evolved through time. This includes our very own children We often say, “Children nowadays are so different. We aren’t like that when we were children.”

Sometimes as parents we don’t realize that we live in a another era, and we can’t help but be stuck in the olden days. This difference makes people, especially our very own children Experience a “generation gap”Parents couldn’t force their children to live similarly like them in their time or raise their children the same way as they were brought up. Parents should keep an open mind and heart, and learn to accept this. Ms. Sherrie Garcia, Principal of Middle School and High School invited parents to understand those differences through a seminar called “Parenting: in raising children, parents need to grow up too!”

In this seminar, Ms. Sherie shared her knowledge as a mother as well as a teacher from her more than 10 years of experience. She gave the opportunity to the parents in the seminar to share their stories in bringing up their children.

The differences between the children of today and of the past, various parenting style appropriate for today’s children, including children needs were tackled in the seminar. The problems faced by parents and possible solutions were also discussed.

Ms. Sherrie said that this seminar was actually held by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong to educate the parents in raising their children, who are the future successors of the nation. The School is a place for study, but beyond the four walls, bringing up children are the parents’ responsibility. That is the reason why BINUS SCHOOL Serpong asked the parents to collaborate in educating the children. (IV)


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