Introducing the ways of doing business and economic processes is the aim of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s Business Day. This event involved grade 11 students specializing in social sciences and Information Communication Technology (ICT) to draft a business proposal considering cost, profit, financing and execution.

Business Market Day (BMD) served as grade 11 students’ final project where students practise what they have studied earlier in economics and accounting subjects. “They have studied how to compose business plan, how to execute the plan, as well as how business processes therein. They learnt to be an entrepreneur,” said Philippus R. Westra, Subject Head Economics & Business Studies and National Curriculum Economics.

Approximately 130 students, coming from 5 classes of business and 12 different groups, offered variety of products ranging from food to accessories. “This was very exciting, I learnt how to sell, to interact directly with buyers, and certainly I learnt business processes from end to end,” said Indra Swarna, 11-A student who participated in BMD, offering a noodle product at his and his team’s stand “Meet Mie”.

“Following this event, I hope they learn the importance of team work, hard work and responsibility,” concluded Philip.

Keep up with your creativity and inventiveness, BNEWS Readers! Developing yourselves into creative and innovative intreprenuers will prepare you for your future. (LN)

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