Character education is more than just a subject. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong emphasizes character education as the core of their curriculum. School leaders, teachers, parents and students work together to promote the six pillars of character as part of their school culture. What do they say about these six pillars of character?


Asti Nurwandhini – EL Affective Coordinator

“Six Pillars of character is a way for BINUS SCHOOL Serpong to build children’s character and to help students become better citizens. We also believe that a well-built character will improve our students’ academic success. Furthermore, character education helps us reduce discipline referrals in our school. Learning to have a good character at school enables children to realize their potential and prepare them to face many opportunities, challenges, pressures and unknown dangers in today’s society and deal with them properly.”


Yulastin – Parent (PSG Chairperson)

“I’m happy to see a child who has good academic scores. But, I’m happier if that child has a good character. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong teaches children the core values known as six pillars of character. These values serve as the foundation on ways they should behave both at home and at school. The school also invites us, parents, to work with them in building the children’s character.”


Richelle Xie – Student (Student Council President)

“The school teaches us to apply the six pillars of character. Through these core values, we learn to be more responsible, respectful, and care for others. I do hope that all my friends practice the good character traits as part of their daily life.”

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