On Commemoration of RI’s 70th Independence Day, BINUS School Held Flag Raising Ceremony

A number of students, teachers, and staff of BINUS School Serpong Middle School & High School, gathered together in Sjuman Hall in commemoration of Indonesia’s 70th Independence Day, last 18th of September. A series of events was organized to commemorate this event. .

With deep respect, all of the participants joined the ceremony until the very end. The ceremony is held as a manifestation of the BINUSIANs’ respect towards the merits of heroes who are academically challenged kids but have excelled in their respective fields of sports.

It is also a commemoration of Indonesia’s struggle for freedom as seen from the tableus presented. “The heroes had given their best to this nation. They had willingly sacrificed their lives for the nation’s independence. The heroes’ valiant deeds have provided us good example to carry on our own struggle in different ways,” said Mr. Johan Adam, one of the MS/HS faculty members who was in charge of acting as inspector of ceremony.

Mr. Johan reminded the students not to waste the freedom that has been well achieved. He also encouraged them to carry on the heroes’ fight for the nation and the country by way of learning earnestly as well as showing respect to their parents and the elderly. In Mr. Johan’s view, these are ways for his students to strive and help their country move forward.

No different than Mr. Johan’s view, Ms Sherrie Garcia, the MS/HS Principal, reminded her students that they must be able to well maintain Indonesia’s independence which was achieved years ago.

“Our nation’s founding fathers have given to us the right to independence, the national flag, and other things. The independence that you are enjoying right now means that you do not have to fight for your food, your clothes, or whatever you enjoy today. However, you must simply do the right things according to your aspirations,” said Ms. Sherrie.

Ms Sherrie added, to be able to preserve Indonesia’s independence, her students should soar as the nation’s best sons and daughters who love and devote themselves to this country. Not the least, she also mentioned the importance of showing respect to parents and teachers at school.

Following the flag raising ceremony, a series of performances were presented by the MS/HS students, for instance showing their ability of singing and acting Each level contributed its best performance. Theme related to freedom was raised as inspiration for their tableaus, for instance a story of the pre-independence war. The tableaus reflected indepedence of Indonesia of which every Indonesian can be truly proud.

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