ARTMAZING RACE 2016 – Serpong, February 5, 2016, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong held a competition with a unique breakthrough for Indonesian children. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong combines creativity and physical agility to be able to build children’s awareness of the importance of balance between these two fields, as well as enjoying the two activities at once. Located in Sjuman Hall, the competition is divided into two activities, namely Action Mural Painting and Artmazing Race 2016.

Last year, this competition was only Action Mural Painting which was a painting competition. By the collaboration of art and sport, Artmazing Race 2016 was participated by excited elementary school students grade 4-6 from BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, High Scope, Santa Laurensia, and Sinarmas World Academy.

“Art is everywhere, including in human body movement when exercising. As a PE teacher, I often see movement in children which will be incredible if it can be displayed in a work of art. This is exactly what inspired me to conduct this breakthrough.” said Mr. Hassan Mulyadi, the committee of Artmazing Race 2016.

Children’s excitement was shown in the race, no panic looking face, only joy and laughter that filled this competition. Even the messy appearance and cluttered room by paint and sweat did not reduce the participants’ enthusiasm. At the very end, Action Mural Painting 2016 was won by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong, while Artmazing Race was won by Sinarmas World Academy.

Seeing the success of this event, it is expected that in the next year Artmazing Race may be an eagerly awaited event by Indonesian children and able to contribute substantially to the development of the nation, in terms of enhancing creativity, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

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