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Concerning Education Equality, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Grade 10 Students Created Free Online Learning Community

Tangerang, April 18, 2016 – An inspiring breakthrough was made by several BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Grade 10 students with the intention to bring equality to education in Indonesia. By combining intellect, creativity and compassion for the community, 10 students, Aktsa Efendy (former Binusian), Yusuf Farrell, David Amadeo, Farrandi Ariya Hernando, Jason Anfernee Kaloh, Melvin Sumon Chandra, Nathanael Tehilla, Rafi Seba, Rinwy Cendana and Tengku Fabian Hadra, created an online learning community. Starting from a small discussion about education discrepancy in Indonesia and the difficulties experienced by Indonesian students in studying, all 10 students worked hard to find study solutions that can help Indonesian students. Their hard work and drive gave rise to is an online learning platform which accommodates students who wish to learn as well as anyone who wants to contribute to this learning platform. Through social media, allows everyone in Indonesia to register and engage in academic discussions and learning. MejaKita generally means ‘a place for all students in Indonesia to study together.’

Aiming to facilitate equal access to education as well as providing means to understand school lessons to Indonesian students, rides on the concept of “Dari Siswa Untuk Siswa” (from students to students). The reason behind this concept, as explained by Yusuf Farrell, Head of Technology of, is that students understand more about other students’ struggles in studying, with some of the reasons being easier understanding of common language among students when it comes to the teaching and learning process, sharing the same scope of knowledge and level of learning experience.


This project began last September 2015, which was purely based on their own initiative. From the brainstorming to the execution, the project was powered by these young people’s determination and hard work.

According to Tengku Fabian, Head of Physics of, from the development to the operations of, each of them have their own set of duties and responsibilities.  “Developing is not an easy thing because we, ourselves still have to go to school, have homework to do, have to study for exams, extra tutoring, and many others activities. Quite often we sacrificed play time and tuition. While other friends were hanging out, we were on our desks working on   Staying up late to work became a routine for us. Yes, we have no deadlines to be fulfilled, we did it this far because of our zeal and support from many other parties,” said Jason, Head of Biology’s rise is astonishing, even the founders did not expect that their project will be very well received by the public. was officially  launched in a press conference last April 16, 2016.

The success and efforts of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s 10 wonderful students is expected to inspire the young generation of Indonesia, particularly other BINUSIANs, to contribute, move and build a better Indonesia.





  1. It's Andin Adinata Yusuf Farrel (Yusuf Farrel) not Joseph Farrell.

    • Dear Farrel, Thank you for reminding :)

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