Adopt A School – May 2016

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May 20, 2016 – Adopt-a-school has been one of the most successful student initiated programmes of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Since its inception in 2015, the adopt-a-school has evolved to include engaging SMP Al-Hasaniyah students in a friendly match with BINUS School Serpong students.

There is an Indonesian proverb which says “Tak kenal, maka tak sayang”. It means that if you do not know a person well enough, then you won’t be able to create a productive relationship. Hence, to get closer with SMP Al-Hasaniyah students, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Students Council invited them to a friendly futsal match and folklore story game in the BINUS campus last Friday, 27th of May.

Even though it was a friendly match, SMP Al-Hasaniyah students were very competitive and out to win. J One of SMP Al-Hasaniyah teachers, Mr. Alif said, “Kami berlatih khusus untuk acara ini sejak jauh – jauh hari.” (Translation: “ We did practice since a while ago, special for this event”).

Previously, Adopt-a-school initiative has donated various supporting facilities to improve student learning experience at SMP AL-Hasaniyah, such as cooling fans and traditional musical instruments. Last week, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Students Council Officers even personally taught SMP Al-Hasaniyah students several subjects, which are ICT, English, and Math. There were a lot of good feedbacks from SMP Al-Hasaniyah teachers and students about this activity.

Through diverse adopt-a-school activities, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong students look forward to build a strong network with students from other schools as well.  More collaboration between BINUS SCHOOL Serpong and SMP Al-Hasaniyah is hoped to be accomplished in the coming months.

(Note:  To date, the School is looking for other potential schools to adopt.)



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