BINUS SCHOOL Serpong ECY/EL First Assembly

After the flag ceremony, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong arranged the first assembly of the year for ECY and EL students. The EL students independently gathered in the Sjuman Hall, while the ECY students cheerfully assembled in the Main Library Hall. Ms. Elsie L. Bait and her “Avengers” (Mr. Henry, Ms. Karah, Ms. Iin, Ms. Asti, and Ms. Novia) prepared some fun and educative information to the students about the school.

The assembly started with a prayer, then followed by the”Indonesia Raya” anthem and BINUS SCHOOL Serpong song. It is very touching to see the students proudly singing both songs. Ms. Elsie also prepared a special guest to entertain the students, Mr. Bee, our school mascot who joyfully danced around and gave high-fives to the awed students.

In the assembly, Ms. Elsie  reminded the students about knowing & practicing the BINUSIAN values embedded in the Six Pillars of Character (Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring, and Citizenship).  Ms. Elsie  also prepared a fun video clip from the Minions to teach students on the classroom rules like being nice by not teasing or bullying their friends, cleaning up one’s space, keeping their hands to themselves, keeping their cell phones in their backpacks & practicing teamwork. At the end of the assembly, Ms. Elsie prepared some questions for the students. Those who answered them correctly received special prices from the Avengers.

What a cheerful way to start the 2016/2017 Academic Year! BINUS SCHOOL Serpong has prepared a long list of Fun and Educational Events for the year; especially as it is the 10th Year Anniversary. Have a balance of playing and learning BINUSIANS! Albert Einstein once said, “Playing is the highest form of research!”




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