BINUSIANS at The London International Youth Science Forum 201

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BINUSIANS are rocking the new Academic Year 2016/2017 through their participation in various international students’ forums. After our outstanding performance in Singapore, seven (7) BINUSIANS are currently in  UK attending the London International Youth Science Forum (LIYFS) 2016. They are Farrandi Ariya Hernando (11 L), Andin Adinata Yusuf Farrel (11 L), Tengku Fabian Hadra (11 K), Clarissa Aurielle (11 K), Maria Teresa Sekar Anggita Kinasih (11 J), Darren Evan (11 H), and Amira Maulidine (11 G). BINUSIANS’ teacher chaperon for this forum is Ms. Retno Bangun Setiawati.

In this 58th London International Youth Science Forum, 500 students from over 65 countries are gathered to receive lectures and demonstrations from leading scientists, and visit different industrial sites, research centers, scientific organizations, and laboratories. LIYFS which is being held from 27 July – 10 August 2016 in Imperial College London aims to deepen students’ knowledge about science and its contribution to society. Furthermore, the forum hopes that participants may create strong friendship bonds and understand more about the diversities of culture.

Clarissa, Darren, Maria, and Amira’s presentation was chosen to be one of the best 10 research posters in the forum.  Their research is on “Used Oil Purification using Morinda Citrifolia and Rice Husk” at FameLab LIYFS in front of all the participants. While Farrandi, Andin, and Tengku presented their renowned internet platform project, ”MejaKita”, titled “Peer Tutoring: Reclaiming the Ownership of Learning”.

Great job for our delegation! Here’s a quote from Dr. Seuss for every BINUSIAN, “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.”


MejaKita Reclaiming The Ownership Of Learning

Used Oil Purification

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