ECY Showcase: “ I am Proud to be Indonesian”

Indonesia celebrates its Independence Day on the 17th of August. Therefore this August, from one of the “Six Pillars of Character”, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong choose “Citizenship” as the theme for various students’ activities. The most recent one is aprogramme entitled “ECY Showcase: I am Proud to be Indonesian.”

In the ECY “I am Proud to be Indonesian” showcase, the young BINUSIANS received hands on experiences of the Indonesian culture. The showcase started with a short but interesting presentation from Ms. Iin, the ECY Coordinator, about Indonesian landscape, traditional costumes, traditional food, and traditional houses.  After the presentation, the students were really excited to see the exhibition. Ms. Olivia, the ECY Guidance Counsellor,  cheerfully guided the young BINUSIANS in the showcase. There were various displays in the exhibition, from Indonesian Map, traditional woven fabric, traditional attire, even delicious Indonesian treats. To further enhance the students’ experience, the students were given some “Angklungs”, Indonesian traditional music instruments, to play with.

What an interesting way to learn about Indonesia! From an early age, our little BINUSIANS are taught to have pride of their roots, their customs & traditions in Indonesia. John F. Kennedy said, ”Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. So let’s be proud of Indonesia!







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