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Do you know that BINUS SCHOOL Serpong has a lot of talented authors? On our last Author talk in early October 2016, we had Shazia (5C), Nina (4E), and Ms. Astrid (BINUSIAN parent) who shared about their books and writing experience. This month, we also have Ms. Rizki Raindriati a.k.a. Kiki Rahman, who just launched her new book, “Wonderful Life”.

Wonderful Life is the memoar of Amalia Prabowo. The memoar tells the period in her life when her son, Aqil was diagnosed with dyslexia. That memoar was published on April 2015 by KPG (Kepustakaan Populer Gramedia). KPG and Visinema&Co then decided to make a movie inspired by that memoar. They then hired Ms. Jenny Jusuf, a Citra (Indonesian Movie Award) winner to write the movie script.  On June 2016, nearly at the end of the movie making process, KPG wanted to also make a novel to support the movie. Ms. Rizki was asked to write the novel based on the original screenplay by Jenny Jusuf.

Ms. Rizki felt so fortunate that the opportunity during the school holiday and KPG gave her the privilege to really explore and develop the characters. Ms. Rizki was given a month to write it, but she managed to write the novel within just 9 days. Wonderful Life is a truly entertaining, inspiring and enlightening novel to read.


Here are the list of our BINUSIAN authors, do not forget to check them out!


1.       Nina Hamdani ( EL 4E )

a.       Spoiled Orangutan


2.       Shazia A. Fathraya ( EL 5C )

a.       Timmy the Caring Lamb and Princes Capyu

b.      The Kingdom of Letters and Numbers

c.       The Kind Rabbit


3.       Lucrezia Adora Ng ( MS 7H )

a.       Ruby of the dragon


4.       Ms. Astrid ( BINUSIAN parent )

a.       Do I Have to Grow up?

b.      The Knots, the Twigs, and the Gum

c.       Simple Stories for Early Readers

d.      More Simple Stories for Early Readers

5.       Ms. Melly Sujitro ( BINUSIAN parent )

a.       Why Animals Can’t Talk

b.      Rainbow

c.       Day and Nights

d.      My Best friend

e.      The Last Dinosaur

f.        My Lea

6.       Ms. Neti Arianti,  ECY/EL Teacher (Physical Edu)

a.       Indonesia Mengajar 2

b.      Catatan Kecil Pengajar Muda

7.       Ms. Dina Iguna, EL Teacher

a.       7 Hari berpetualang di pulau dongeng


8.       Ms. Rizki Raindriati, ECY/EL Teacher (Arts)

aBu Guru Funky and her funkier students

b.      Wonderful life

9.       Mr. Godlif Christian PoEh, QA & Examination Officer

a.      Catatan Harian Joy Timoho

b.      Seumur Hidup Aku Sekolah


10.   Maria Immaculata Sri Listari, Quality Assurance Staff

a.       Ibukota Serigala (Kumpulan Puisi)

b.      PANCEN

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