Teacher & Staff Appreciation Day 2016


In celebrating the National Teacher Day on 25 November 2016, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong held a wonderful celebration named, “Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day (TSAD)” on Wednesday, 23 November 2016. This special day was dedicated to honor BINUSIAN Teachers and Staffs for their hard work in educating Indonesian future leaders.


Every student from Early Childhood Years to High School, along with Parents Support Group prepared heart touching presents for the teachers and staff. The theme of current TSAD is Superhero. The teachers are indeed students’ superhero for their future. It started with special dance and song performance from our ECY students. A cute ECY students also mentioned that, by assisting him to finish his lunch, he considered his teacher as a hero. Our elementary students prepared a drama and superhero dance collaboration with PSG Moms. PSG Moms also prepared picture slideshows of ECY/EL teachers in their daily duties, which showed how hard they have worked to ensure our little BINUSIANS receive the best education. In order to express their gratitude, our ECY and EL teachers prepared amusing dances and song to  entertain our young BINUSIANS and ECY/EL PSG.


As many of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong Middle and High School students have been studying here for years, they prepared a special full course lunch treat. Assisted by MS/HS PSG moms, they personally served the meals to MS/HS teachers and staff. During the  TSAD assembly, each levels gave a special song or band performance to appreciate the teachers. The MS/HS PSG Moms perform as choir and prepares a medley of songs  for the teachers. Their angelic voices received a huge round of applause from the audiences. A month full of practice from our PSG moms were really worth it.


“Personally, I am happy for this years’ TSAD. It is so heartwelming that students, parents and alumni honour their teachers. Especially the Royale Themed Lunch, It is a humbling experience for me. I really felt special because amidst their busy schedule, they’ve prepared for the activity. They’ve acknowledged that in one point of their lives, we’ve been part of it. After another TSAD celebration this year, I am blessed that I was “called” to be a teacher. It is just like a reminder that our profession has a very big responsibility in building a better future, a better Indonesia, a better Asia,” said Ms. Pamela C. Balaoing, art teacher at BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.


Thank you so much teachers and staffs for your hard work in ensuring the great study environment for our BINUSIANS. Thank you very much as well students and PSG members for preparing a special TSAD. Let’s continue to work hand in hand for a greater nusantara!  “A teacher plants the seeds of knowledge, sprinkles them with love, and patiently nurtures their growth to produce tomorrow’s dream”.




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