Recognition Day and Class Party

“You will always harvest what you plant,” this proverb teaches us to bring out the best of ourselves. Our vibrant BINUSIANS have done their best in both academic and affective aspects of their education this semester. Hence, during the Recognition Day, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong appreciated their willingness and hard work to broaden their knowledge and experience.

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s ECY/EL Principal Ms. Elsie and her team have prepared some certificates and medals for BINUSIANS to harvest for their tenacity in Semester 2. The Recognition Day awards those who have achieved the highest score for various subjects and the winners of various competitions, such as International Math Singapore Competition, RSPI Drawing Competition, Spelling Bee and Storytelling Competition, Soccer Competitions, and many more. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong also thankfully recognized our ECY/EL Student Council officers who have voluntarily spent their time and effort to be part of various school events.

After the Recognition Day, the students had a fun afternoon in their Class Party, which both teachers and parents took part in organizing. There were even more certificates distributed by the class teachers for the students in this interesting event to reward our BINUSIANS’ diligence, such as certificate for the most confident student, the friendliest student, the most cheerful student and more. The students also prepared some performances to entertain their teachers and parents. What an exciting day we had in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong!

Thumbs up for our young BINUSIANs in completing the semester. You have done remarkable work! Keep doing your best for the next academic year BINUSIANS! H. Jackson Brown, Jr. said “The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

  1. Dear BINUS, My name is Sonya and I have a son, his name is Toshiro and he will turn 3yo on 27 September 2018. And I would like to enroll my son to BINUS school in 2019. Would you share the Open House information and if there’s any trial or interview session that could be offered to my son? Thank you and looking forward for your kind feedback. Warm regards, Sonya N.

    • Dear Ms. Sonya, Thank you for your interest in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. Our admissions staff will assist you through You're invited to our very first Open House, Saturday, 15 September 2018. Don't miss our special offer! Thank you.

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