Our BINUSIANS used to be very small and shy, but excited, when they came for the first day of school. Some years have passed, now they are wearing their graduation gown, standing at the stage, and holding their certificates. Time does fly so fast!

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is in festivity holding the moving up ceremony for ECY 3 and EL 6 students. Our BINUSIANS have done their best during their studies and are eagerly looking forward to their next stage of education. The graduating BINUSIANS also prepared some performances for their peers and audiences. They sing, dance, and even play some musical instruments. Led by student representatives from EL 1 and Grade 7, every ECY and EL graduate said their pledge to work harder and to remain loyal to BINUS.

“The Moving Up ceremony marks BINUSIANS’ readiness for greater challenges. Students in BINUS SCHOOL Serpong have shown remarkable development during their studies here. I’m sure they will show the same performance, or even better, for their future studies. BINUSIAN teachers are always proud of them. I hope that in the future they will dream higher to reach their goal, “commented Miss Elsie L. Bait, ECY/EL Principal BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

With the chosen theme “A World of Possibilities Awaits”, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong conbeys to its students that whatever interests and talents they possess, they should l keep growing and getting better.  As an academic institution, BINUS SCHOOL Serpong wants the next generation to develop in both academic and affective areas and pave their way to a better future.

“I am delighted to see how my children are growing and developing in BINUS. All my children graduated from BINUS and I am proud of their positive attitude. I hope my youngest son, Adi, will be strong and never give up to achieve his dream, “commented Mr. Eko Jones Sandjojo, Indonesian Minister of Rural Development and Transmigration and one of our BINUSIAN parents.

Thank you students for giving your greatest effort throughout your studies. Thank you teachers for your patience and passion in teaching our young BINUSIANS. Thank you parents for supporting your children to reach their dreams and trusting BINUS SCHOOL Serpong. A big round of applause for everyone! Ms. Elsie carefully picked a quote for us, “Life is about trusting your feelings, taking chances, finding happiness, learning from the past and realizing everything changes.”

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