Gift Giving Ceremony

The Gift Giving Ceremony is an annual event run by the Parent Support Group (PSG) which started 3 years ago. Even though Eid Al-Fitr has already passed, the Ramadan’s spirit of sharing continues.  The parents and students of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong were encouraged to donate for both the internal and outsourced workers in school, which include the ISS workers, security guards, maintenance staff, the drivers and the nurses.

The Gift Giving Ceremony is the first event arranged by both ECY/EL and MS/HS PSG Committee this year. The PSG Officers have willingly shared a lot of their time in taking turns to stay at the donation booths and placed donation boxes around the school to accept contributions. Therefore, the essence of this donation is to appreciate their dedication and hard work towards BINUSIANS.

In the current year Gift Giving donation, the PSG managed to raise more than 100 million rupiah.  The sum was then distributed equally to more than 200 BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s internal and outsourced workers. We witnessed happy faces that day when they received our tokens.

Thank you so much PSG and parents for your magnanimity towards the BINUSIAN family. Anurag Prakash Ray said, “Sharing makes you bigger than you are. The more you pour out, the more life will be able to pour in.”


-About BINUS SCHOOL Serpong PSG –

What is a Parent Support Group?

Children spend most of their time in developing themselves through various learning curves. One of the learning methods is through attending school. Hence, the students often spend a large portion of their time at school.

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong understands that parents need to be more involved during their children’s education process at school. Hence, the creation of the Parent Support Group (PSG). Every BINUSIAN parent is part of the PSG. This was formed to enhance the participation and partnership between parents and the School as well as to further enrich the learning community of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong based on voluntary participation. PSG contributes necessary support in terms of time, effort and resources to realise the School’s Vision, Mission and Policies. It spearheads various events such as national batik showcase, grade level workshops, and teacher’s appreciation day, to name a few.  PSG is led by PSG Chairpersons. For ECY/EL, the Chairperson is Ms. Shinta Rampen. While Ms. Erwinanda is in charge to lead MS/HS parents.  Let’s support them by being actively involved in their exciting events!

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