BYNAMIC Fest 2017 – “Nuansa Tropika”

After successfully enlivening Tangerang and Jakarta in 2015, BYNAMIC Fest 2017 with the theme “Nuansa Tropika” delivered another art and music festival. The theme was carefully selected to appreciate the rich Indonesian tropical forest. For this year, Bynamic featured a lot of Indonesian talented singers and bands, such as, Rizky Febian, Payung Teduh, Senar Senja, Teddy Adhitya, Yura Yunita, Halo Matter, M2FT, Polka Wars, RBLSUNS, and many more.

The BYNAMIC Fest is one of the largest student projects to teach our BINUSIANS about leadership, organisational and financial management, marketing, and entrepreneurship. Aside from the music performance, this festival also prepared a lot of fun activities for the visitors such as a Theater Show, tote bag coloring, games booths, haunted house, and various delicious food stalls. Involving more than 320 students as the Committee members, BYNAMIC Fest intensive preparation dated back since 2nd semester of last academic year. To promote the event, BYNAMIC Committees held a pre-event called the “Carnival” last month, and performed a lot of flash mobs in Car Free Days (CFD) events and various malls in Jakarta and Tangerang.

“This year we present Bynamic Fest “Nuansa Tropika” to remind the visitors for appreciating Indonesian tropical nature beauty. I am very optimistic that Bynamic Fest this year will be a success, the committee has extraordinarily put their best effort to make this event happen. For me, Bynamic Fest is the true representation of vibrant BINUSIAN spirit.” said Nadhif Rahman Hanafi, the Chairman of the Committee Bynamic Fest 2017.

“The Bynamic Fest aims to celebrate music and arts.  It also aims to foster friendships with students from other schools while sharing their creative talents. For the organizing students of the Bynamic Fest, we expect the experience to allow them to explore their collaboration, organizing and leadership skills along with their ability to adapt to different people and situations.  This is a very good opportunity for them to enrich their life experience as a whole”, commented Mrs. Sherrierose Gonzales, Principal of MS-HS BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.

Bynamic Fest 2017 is a form of appreciation of Indonesian natural beauty, through the art and music performance. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong hopes Bynamic Fest 2017 can inspire other Indonesian students to develop their creativity and innovativeness in addition to the academics.

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