Sumpah Pemuda Celebration

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is focusing on cultural exposure for its students by introducing the spirit of Sumpah Pemuda or the Youth Pledge to the youngest BINUSIANS. BINUS SCHOOL Serpong students come from different countries, various ethnic groups and cultures, therefore learning about Indonesian national events is important. It is vital for students to know the importance of these events as this can help them appreciate where they come from as well as can help increase their pride of being in Indonesia. The ECY and EL students came to school wearing Indonesian traditional clothes in celebrating this special occasion.

“Indonesia is a country rich in ethnicity and culture. The Youth Pledge united the diversity and raised youth nationalism. Hence BINUS SCHOOL Serpong as a community, very rich in ethnicity and cultural background shall unite to imitate the spirit of the youth of Indonesia in 1928,” commented one of the teachers of BINUS SCHOOL Serpong.


In the current Youth Pledge Day, each level of EL students prepared various performances which highlighted the traditional cultural heritage and spirit of the nation. The students were busy preparing the movements and songs of Indonesia for a month, even expatriate students also excitedly participated and enjoyed the practices. Our ECY students showed off their confidence by having an Indonesian traditional costume fashion show. They all looked radiant donning their traditional costumes from different parts of Indonesia.

The celebration of Youth Pledge Day by BINUS SCHOOL Serpong is to instill the love for country as well as inspire the Indonesia’s young generation in continuing the spirit of the Youth Pledge. John F. Kennedy said that “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”.

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