Internationalism Week “One Humanity, Shared Responsibility”

BINUS SCHOOL Serpong’s Internationalism Week is an annual event that raises students’ attention about the cultural diversity of the world. As a school which is rich in cultural diversity, this one-week program is intended for BINUSIANS to accept and appreciate the beauty of our differences through a celebration of a variety of activities.

The series of events in the Internationalism Week involved teachers, students, and parents. There were a quiz bowl, choir competition, mural painting competition, food festival, parade of costumes and featured dances from selected countries. The Middle – High School area of ​​BINUS SCHOOL Serpong was filled with decorations and local delicacies from various continents, prepared by our students and PSG. Furthermore, the students and teachers were also wearing traditional attires from various country in the world in the Internationalism Assembly.


“Even though we live in Indonesia, we need to learn and appreciate other cultures different from ours. Moreover BINUS SCHOOL Serpong community itself is a mix of cultural backgrounds. This event is conducted so that BINUSIANS are more open and appreciate other cultures’ beauty, “commented Mr. Johan Adam as the board of Internationalism Week 2017.

This programme also intended to heighten students’ awareness of world current issues, such as natural disasters, environment, and poverty. With the theme “One Humanity, Shared Responsibility,” it is a reminder that the world we live in is everyone’s shared responsibility.  The differences in Indonesia and the world can be reconciled and united with respect and cooperation. As Ryonosuke Satoro said, “Individually we are a drop but together, we are an ocean”.

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