Giving is the greatest act of grace. It is in giving that we receive much more.

As an act of gratefulness and reaching out to the less fortunate, our EL 6 students shared their blessings to Yayasan CAMADE (Cakrawala Masa Depan) last 7th January 2018. Cakrawala Masa Depan (CAMADE) is a non-profit volunteer organization in Indonesia, comprising of dedicated individuals committed to bringing relief, encouragement and hope to the underprivileged. CAMADE works in cooperation with those from all cultural and ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs with the goal of bringing friendship, love, compassion and care to others in their time of need.

The people from Yayasan CAMADE, Terry Tan, Daniel Arnold, Joseph Will, and Laurie Myers came to the EL 6 assembly to receive the goods. The goods were bought from money raised through the EL 6 Bazaar last November 2017. Their plan after receiving the items from the EL 6 students was to visit centers for children with cancer as well street children to give the donation. They were happy and sincerely touched by the EL 6’s willingness to share to others. The EL 6’s take away from this event is if we do simple acts of kindness it can spur more good acts which hopefully can become a habit.

In the end, it’s not about what you have or what you have accomplished but it’s about who you’ve uplifted, who you’ve made better. It’s about what and how much you’ve given back.

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